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List of the videos


List of filmed virus & immunity courses:

Benedikt B. Kaufer 08/02/2016 Herpesvirus latency: from neuronal models to integration into host telomeres
Siamon Gordon 02/02/2016 The versatile macrophage : immunobiology and virology 
Karl Lang 14/02/2014 Enforced virus replication as an immunological strategy for innate and adaptive immune activation.
Harald Zur Hausen 11/02/2014 Sexually Transmitted Infections and Cancer.
Glen Rall 07/02/2014 Double trouble: "How peripheral virus infections can result in brain disease".
James Wood 03/02/2014 Endemic dynamics of zoonotic viruses in bat species and spillover into humans and other animals.
Daniel Pinschewer 15/02/2013 Immunity and Pathogenesis in viral infection
Grant McFadden 07/05/2013 Poxvirus Tropism and Oncolytic Virotherapy
Albert Osterhaus 05/02/2013 Influenza : From zoonosis to pandemic
Claudia Kemper 05/02/2013 Novel innate cell-derived signals required for human Th1 induction and regulation
Adolfo Garcia-Sastre 07/02/2012 Induction and evasion of type I interferon responses by influenza viruses
Adrian Hayday 06/02/2012 Unconventional T cells and control of infection
Quentin Sattentau 02/02/2012 The role of cell-to-cell spread in HIV-1 dissemination and pathogenesis
Robert Lamb 01/02/2012 The entry of paramyxoviruses into cells
Teunis Geijtenbeek 11/02/2011 C-type lectins in infection and immunity, "Sugars flavour immunity"
Roberto Cattaneo 09/02/2011 Virus tropism: analysis and oncolytic reprogramming
Otto Haller 04/02/2011 Innate immunity to influenza
Polly Matzinger 17/02/2010 Danger signal in immune response
Richard Elliott 16/02/2010 Exploiting reverse genetics to investigate bunyavirus replication
Polly Roy 16/02/2010 Bluetongue virus: from structure to vaccine
Daniel Gonzales-Dunia 10/02/2010 Viral interference with brain homeostasis: the Bornavirus paradigm
Luis Enjuanes 05/02/2010 Transcription and virulence in coronaviruses: development of a vaccine to prevent SARS
Paolo Lusso 02/02/2010 Human Herpesvirus 6: Mechanisms of Immunomodulation and Immunosuppression
Tom Geisbert 06/02/2009 Ebola and Marburg viruses: pathogenesis and development of countermeasures
François-Loïc Cosset 05/02/2009 Hepatitis C virus: characterisation of cell entry and the humoral respo
Andrew McMichael 05/02/2009 T cell immune responses to HIV and Influenza
Jean-Claude Weill 04/02/2009 B cell memory
Christopher Basler 03/02/2009 Influenza virus evasion of innate and adaptive immunity
Jacques Banchereau 02/02/2009 Human dendritic cell subsets and vaccine development
Heinz Feldmann 30/01/2009 Emerging Bunyaviruses: Molecular Virology, Public Health & Countermeasures
Françoise Barre-sinoussi 28/01/2009 From HIV/AIDS pathogenesis to future challenges in prevention and therapy
Mary Malissen 27/01/2009 Transmembrane adaptor molecules and signal transduction in immune cells
Branka Horvat 08/02/2008 Measles virus-induced immuosuppression
Thierry Walzer 07/02/2008 NK cells and control of viral infection
Daniel D Pinschewer 06/02/2008 Infection, immunity and autoimmunity
Beneditta Rocha 05/02/2008 CD8 differentiation is tailored by individual pathogens
Ilya Frolov 04/02/2008 Inhibition of cellular response during alphavirus infection
Noël Tordo 04/02/2008 Rabies and Lyssaviruses
Henri Agut 01/02/2008 Pathogenicity and genetic variability of human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6)
Lena Alexopoulou 31/01/2008 Toll-like receptors: sensors of viral infection
Dominique Kaiserlian 30/01/2008 Mucosal immunity and tolerance : from pre-clinical models to clinical studies.
Alain Trautmann 29/01/2008 Imaging different aspects of communication within the immune system
Jean-Luc Darlix 28/01/2008 Novel findings on HIV-cell interactions.
Edward A Berger 09/02/2007 Virus-receptor interactions for and against virus infections
Adrian Hayday 07/02/2007 Unconventional T cells and control of infection
Peter C Doherty 11/04/2005 Cell-mediated immunity in virus infections


Virus & Immunity sessions were sponsored by sanofi 2


Multimedia was created with the support of  unisciel

Filmed by chezmoiprod (2007-2009, 2011-2013) and ENSMedia (2010);

Multimedia by UNIS and ENSMedia at ENS Lyon (N Alazard-Dany, T Mahlakoiv, O Pernet, LM Bloyet, S Pilloz, G Vidal, P Sarselli, R Appourchaux)