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BioSciences Master Reviews

The "BioSciences Master Reviews" website has been set up to publish reviews of the literature written in English by students attending the “BioSciences” Master's degree, a non-specialized and high-level program dedicated to researcher's training in biology at ENS-Lyon (France). These works, comprising all research domains in biological sciences, were done within the framework of a bibliographic training program preparing their 1st year laboratory internship.

Although these articles were not written by professional researchers, they have been validated through a process close to the peer-review system used by international journals. They have been evaluated by two reviewers, among which at least one is an expert in the field. Only documents considered by reviewers as deserving publication have been published, generally after revision of the manuscript to take their comments into account. Regularly, some of these articles are published in international peer-review journals by students co-authoring with their internship supervisors. More than half of the students have made their internships abroad, and had their review evaluated by foreign researchers.

We publish these reviews dealing with hot topics not recently covered, considering they may be useful to the scientific community.