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Une série d'articles de nos étudiants

Marie Collet, Caroline Berger, Eugénie Bagdassarian, Evelyne Einhorn and Simon Klein had their internship results published in various journals.The diversity of these publications reflects the diversity of the formation offered in the Matser Biology!

Références de ces cinq articles :

Elina Immonen, Marie Collet, Julieta Goenaga and Göran Arnqvist (2016). Direct and indirect effects of sex-specific mitonuclear epistasis on reproductive ageing. Heredity 116:338-347.

Caroline Berger, Xavier Gaume and Philippe Bouvet (2015). The role of nucleolin subcellular localization in cancer. Biochimie 113:78-85.

Eléonore Pérès, Eugénie Bagdassarian, Sébastien This, Julien Villaudy, Dominique Rigal, Louis Gazzolo and Madeleine Duc Dodon (2015). From immunodeficiency to humanization: the contribution of mouse models to explore HTLV-1 leukemogenesis. Viruses 7:6371-6386.

Silke Bender, Antje Reuter, Florian Eberle, Evelyne Einhorn, Marco Binder and Ralf Bartenschlager (2015). Activation of type I and III interferon response by mitochondrial and peroxisomal MAVS and inhibition by hepatitis C virus. Plos Pathogens 11:e1005264.

Nanxiang Jin, Simon Klein, Fabian Leimig, Gabriela Bischoff and Randolf Menzel (2015). The neonicotinoid clothianidin interferes with navigation of the solitary bee Osmia cornuta in a laboratory test. Journal of Experimental Biology 218:2821-2825.

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