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Département de biologie
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UE Comparative Genomics

Head : Marie Sémon, Céline Brochier-Armanet

6 ECTS credits


The comparison of genomes is currently revolutionizing multiple facets of biology, allowing to approach globally the mechanisms at the origin of diversity and evolution of genomes, cellular pathways, phenotypes, populations and species. Linked to the second technological revolution of genome analysis, this course aims to form students to comparative genomics, a discipline in constant evolution. The course will focus on current big challenges, innovative concepts and original approaches related to the increasing impact of genomics on domains as different as biology, medicine and biotechnology, with an assessment of its potential effects on society. The topics covered include methods of genome analysis, mechanisms involved in the evolution of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes, phylogenomics, reconstruction of ancestral genomes, metagenomics, paleogenomics, personal and medical genomics, genomics of adaptation and population genomics, with a closing conference discussing the impact of recent and future developments of genomics. This course involves both French and foreign top scientists with excellent reputation in the field of genome analysis, who will strongly interact with students during conferences and round tables. An important proportion of invited speakers originate from foreign institutions, and the course is largely open to students from outside, especially from foreign countries.

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