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Département de biologie
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Practicals in statistics and modelling for the biosciences

Head: Nicolas Goudemand

3 ECTS credits


During the last few years, biology has witnessed two major transitions in experimental output: more quantitation and a surge in the amount of data. Analysing and integrating these data requires, on the one hand, the use of statistical approaches to reduce data complexity and enable reaching conclusions, and, on the other hand, the construction of mechanistic models incorporating the hypotheses reached to test them experimentally.

In this context, the main objective of these practical sessions is the introduction and the problem-driven use a set of modelling tools. According to the years and to the groups of students, the focus will be on mechanistic models — differential equations and agent-based models, deterministic and stochastic models, etc.

The course will start with a methodological introduction and a presentation of software such as R, Scilab or CellDesigner. The introduction will provide the basics according to the level of the students. The students will then work in small groups on questions that they will formulate with the help of the teachers. Each group will present and discuss their results in detail in front of the class and of the teachers.