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Département de biologie
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UE Trends in ecological research

Head: Christophe Douady, Nicolas Goudemand

6 ECTS credits


Ecology seeks to understand the causes and consequences of biodiversity dynamics. This discipline focuses on both the mechanisms of evolution of living beings in response to their environment, and its changes, but also the role of these organisms in the functioning of ecosystems. The objective of this course is to cover the hot spots, innovative concepts and creative approaches of current research in ecology. This course will be based on interventions of French and foreign experts of international reputation in the field.

We will adress this discipline at different levels of biological organization. We will focus more specifically to describe the key mechanisms that shape and structure the biosphere (eg relations between organisms, ecosystem dynamics, relations diversity / ecosystem) at the genomic, population and ecosystemic level.

Finally, we will replace Ecology in societal, economic and political perspectives in addressing issues related to ecosystem assessment and taking into account the geo-political challenges related to natural resources.

Calendar and program here