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Presentation of the Biology Master

The Biology Master if offered by

the 'École Normale Supérieure de Lyon' (ENS Lyon) and the 'Université Claude Bernard Lyon I' (UCBL) and is a highlight program of the University of Lyon

Master coordination : Nicolas Goudemand

Persons in charge of Master 1 :  Nicolas Goudemand & Gilles Escarguel

Persons in charge of Master 2 : Nicolas Goudemand & Gilles Escarguel

The Biology Master is a high-level academic program in general biology with a special emphasis on research. At the same time, a certain degree of specialization is possible through the choice of electives courses and internships. Application of students from abroad is encouraged through specific scholarships. Total enrolment is limited to 60 students.



In accordance with the European Higher Education system, the Biology Master is composed of 4 semesters of 30 European credits (ECTS) each. Students can be admitted directly to the second year (in English) if they have studied 4 years post high school.

During the first year (M1), students must take:

  • 5 elective courses in French chosen from a list of twelve courses
  • English
  • Biosciences and society
  • Scientific Communication
  • An internship in a research laboratory in France or abroad,

During the second year, with courses offered only in English, the students choose between sub-programs ('Parcours'):

  • Biosciences: the standard curriculum that gives a broad training in Life sciences.
  • Biosciences and Health (Biosciences - Santé): a curriculum with a broad choice of elective courses in order to reinforce biological knowledge for students with background in medicine, veterinary medicine, pharamacy, or engineering.
  • Biosciences and modelling of complex systems (Biosciences et modélisation des systèmes complexes): this curriculum initiates biologists into modelling by enabling them to take courses in common with mathematicians, computer scientists and physicists.