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Département de biologie
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UE Molecular and supramolecular machines

Head:  Patrice Gouet, and Gilles Rautureau

6 crédits ECTS, 36h de cours, 6h de TD


Genomic and post-genomic high throughput approaches provide tremendous amount of data on the genomes of many organisms. Biologists are now facing the major challenge of understanding the data at the molecular level , that is to say, to determine the structure and biochemical mechanisms of action of different actors: proteins, nucleic acids , cofactors, and the dynamic supramolecular complexes that together they compose. Meeting this challenge is key for the fine understanding of organisms, and for the rational development of therapeutic, diagnostic and industrial resources. To this end, the tools and approaches of structural biology are essential and unavoidable. They continually acquire more power and ease of use, and the results they provide are present in an ever increasing proportion of publications.

This course, built on the international excellence of structural biology in Rhone-Alpes, presents the most modern techniques of structural biology, the knowledge of the power and limits of which is now essential for any biologist eager to deeply understand the mechanisms of life.

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