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Département de biologie
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Development and stem cells in Plants and Animals

Head : Pradeep Das and  Stéphane Vincent

6 credits ECTS, 36h CM, 6h TD

Given the recent advances in imaging, cell biology and molecular genetics, as well as in the use of novel model organisms, the field of developmental biology has seen some major advances and reconsiderations of many long-held fundamental concepts. The course will explore these new frontiers by studying the mechanisms of development in plants and animals. The course will be structured around two invited speakers per day who will each teach an introductory class in their area of expertise and then give a research seminar. This will be followed by a round-table discussion between the speakers and the students. Refresher courses will also be organised.

The course will cover the following topics: Fertilisation, embryogenesis. Axis formation . Stem cells. Cell biology and development. Homeotic genes. Biophysics and development. Organogenesis. Sex determination. Quantification and modelling. Plasticity and canalisation. Evolution and development.

Calendar and program here