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Département de biologie
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UE Host and microbes

Head: Renaud Mahieux, François Vandenesh

6 ECTS credits


The main objective of this course is to allow students to understand the recent concepts in virology and in bacteriology and the methodological approaches that are specific to these two domains. The teaching is designed so as to stimulate the students’ passion for research through a training based on open-mindedness and personal initiative. This course will offer an integrative approach to the biology of viruses and bacteria that handles cycles of replication, pathology, epidemiology, as well as the evolutionary history of pathogenic micro-organisms (mutations, recombination, and spreading).

The conferences will be given in English by experts of the field (molecular virologists and bacteriologists, structural biologists, immunologists, population geneticists, epidemiologists, medical doctors) and will cover all aspects of microbiology. Practical sessions in the form of round tables will allow the students to discuss with the speakers and explore in more depth the topics covered in the conferences.


The lectures will tackle the different aspects of fundamental and applied virology and bacteriology:

  1. biochemical and structural aspects,
  2. genetic variability,
  3. the response to anti-viral and antibiotic treatments,
  4. appearance of resistance,
  5. evolutionary history of micro-organisms,
  6. interactions between micro-organisms and the immune system,
  7. viral and bacterial pathogenesis,
  8. anti-viral vaccination.


Calendar and program here