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Département de biologie
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UE Energy homeostasis

Head: Claude Duchamp, Gilles Mithieux

6 ECTS credits


Incrementing our knowledge of energy homeostasis is more and more crucial in light of the global pandemic of obesity and its related diseases like diabetes. Regardless of voluntary energy expenditure (exercise), weight control depends on the balance between energy intake in the form of nutrients and resting energy expenditure. Recent results have shown the key role of neural brain-periphery communications in both events, both in the direction of the brain, via the peripheral sensing of nutrient and hormones that regulate feelings of hunger and satiety centrally, as in the direction of the periphery, via the brain signals to peripheral organs involved in resting energy expenditure (adipose and muscle tissues). Thermogenesis, which takes place mainly in brown adipose tissue, but can be induced in other peripheral organs, is an essential component of resting energy expenditure. The EU program will focus on understanding the central control of energy homeostasis and will take full advantage of the comparison between ectotherms and endotherms.

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