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"Virus and Immunity" 2016

Course « Virus and Immunity » is organized annualy since 2005, as a part of « European » teaching unit at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France. It is opened to both « Master » students in France as well as to broader scientific coumunity. This year there are 20 students from Master Bioscience enrollled in the course, 7 international students (from Belgium and Great Britain) and 2 students from Sanofi Pasteur, who is sponsoring the course. The lectures covers different aspects of virology and immunology and particular attention is put on the interaction between virus and immune system (see programme bellow). They contain also topics covering eco-evolutionary dynamics of infectious diseases, suportetd by LabEx Ecofect (Lyon University). The major goal of the course is to stimulate the originality in students and help developing their passion for the research and creative approach in the science, by guiding them through the universe of the complex interactions between the virus and the immune system.

From Monday, February 1st, to Friday, February, 12th.

Programme 2016

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